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Autostone Brand is very unique business to explore investing as high network individual or Angel Investors as we have partnered up with Vested Vestd – The share scheme & equity management platform whom supports our SEIS & EIS scheme for Autostone Investors as vested will manage all the process when looking to explore in to Autostone . And via vested you can track your investment via secured access login .

What is the Seed Enterprise Investment

Scheme and the Enterprise Investment Scheme?

SEIS and EIS are government initiatives that were created to encourage private investors to invest in fledgling UK businesses.

They're designed to reduce the risk that comes with investing in any early-stage company by giving investors generous tax breaks.

We'll dive into the details later, but SEIS and EIS tax incentives include:

  • Income tax relief (50% on SEIS investments and 30% on EIS).
  • Any profits that come from the sale of SEIS and EIS shares after three years are exempt from Capital Gains Tax.
  • Inheritance tax doesn't apply to SEIS and EIS shares held for at least two years.
  • If SEIS and EIS shares are sold at a loss, investors can offset the loss against their Capital GainsTax.

What's the difference between SEIS and EIS?

SEIS is designed for startups in their early years whereas EIS is for slightly more established companies. Even if you fall within one of these categories, there are a few more boxes you'll need to tick (which we'll come onto shortly).

SEIS is for early-stage startups and EIS is for scaleups.

SEIS and EIS both make investing in startups and scaleups a far more appealing prospect for investors because of the tax benefits. Investors who put money into your startup through these schemes will get a tax break on the money they invest.

The big difference for investors is the amount of income tax relief they receive through the two schemes.

  • As of April 2023, investors receive a 50% tax break on up to £200,000 they invest through SEIS every tax year.
  • Investors receive a 30% tax break on up to £1 million they invest through EIS every tax year (rising to £2 million if they invest in KICs).

It's therefore well worth making SEIS shares available to investors before you start taking on EIS funding, as it makes your company a much more attractive prospect to investors.

If you want to raise more than the SEIS limit of £250,000, you can always start taking on EIS investment once you've hit the SEIS funding limit.

So to Invest or explore with Autostone or request an Autostone Pitch Deck Link you will need to show your networth to vested whom are regulated by FCA.

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