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Change how you look after your car during the year by switching to one of our Car Care subscription plans

No car hassles from this point onwards

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Make the switch to a subscription that works for you. Here is what you will never have to think about again
Cosmetic Repairs

Offering a wide range of cosmetic surgery services for vehicles, including windscreen replacements and repairs, wheel repairs, and cosmetic enhancements.

Mobile Technicians

Convenient and flexible service delivery through a fleet of skilled mobile technicians, ensuring that customers' automotive repairs are taken care of promptly and efficiently.

One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop: Autostone provides a unique and all-inclusive solution for automotive repairs, making it convenient for customers to address all their cosmetic surgery needs in one place.

Franchise Opportunities

Autostone offers lucrative franchise opportunities, allowing entrepreneurs to become part of the successful Autostone Group and expand the business throughout the United Kingdom. We also offer Master Licence opportunities throughout other international countries

This is how it works
It’s just like your Netflix subscription
Once you join you can sit back and relax.

STEP 1: Book one of our technicians to assess your car’s vitals

STEP 2: We nominate your annual plan based on the assessment, and you pay the subscription amount by the 1st day of each month.

STEP 3: We plan your annual maintenance and routine check-ups and book them into your diary (you can change them anytime).

STEP 4: Anything happens to your car outside of this you call us, we will take care of it.

STEP 5: You get on with your life and never worry about your car again.

STEP 6: If you have a major accident, you call your insurance company (if you are with a partnered insurer, your premiums with them will be cheaper if you have a subscription with us,because they know you are taking care of your car!)

Fixed price guarantee

Never feel like you have been taken advantage of again.

Set and forget

Your car is no longer your problem, it’s our responsibility now.

Never inconvenienced

We work around your schedule and your location.

At your fingertips

Communicate with us through your device.

On demand

What ever your car needs, you decide and it is taken care of on demand.

Quality care

Autostone technicians are qualified to the highest industry standards.

Our Car Care Plans
Level 1
£100 per month
Level 2
£150 per month

Level 3
£200 per month

Level 4
£350 per month

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Never think about car repairs again
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